Raising the standard by establishing Divine Government in the nations of the world by making disciples of all nations.

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The Great Commission is to GO and PREACH the Gospel to all mankind. We want to be a people of answers and solutions, that meet people at the place of their need. We believe that our lives should be examples of the love that the Father has for His children and, in doing so, serve the body of Christ. 

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We are called to MAKE disciples of all nations and teach the ways of the Kingdom. Taking someone by the hand, pulling them up to a place where they become disciplined learners of the Way. 

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We raise up sons and daughters in their God-given identity and release them to do the work of the ministry. Through different avenues we train and equip people by teaching them the principles of the Kingdom and handing the tools for the journey.

We are a movement. we are a family. We are Capitol. 

From its conception in 1992, Capitol has always been a movement that released a sound in the earth, calling the things which are not as though they are. Calling the sons and daughters of Yahweh to raise up the standard and declare the divine governance of Yahweh here on earth.


From a revival in Schelle, Belgium, the fire began to spread all across the world, resulting in many receiving Christ as their Lord and Savior. Throughout the decades, under the leadership of our patriarch, Bishop Israel McGuicken, many have been trained and equipped through Acts International Bible School, the School of Prophets, the School of Ministry, Business Net, etc. which raised up many strong leaders in the body of Christ.

We believe that a fresh wind of the Spirit is blowing and that many have gone through a renewal, like a wineskin being prepared to carry new wine. We believe we have entered into a time of possessing the promises that were given to generations. 

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Apostle Nicky & Kayleigh Scholten

Overseers of Capitol Worship Centre

In February 2022, Nicky and Kayleigh took over responsibility for Capitol Worship Centre and Capitol Royal Dynasty globally as Bishop Israel and Rebecca McGuicken passed the baton. As the overseers and senior leaders, Nicky and Kayleigh have set out to see the house be established and built up so that the generations to come will have a place of belonging.

Nicky grew up in a revival that hit Europe in the 90’s. From a young age he was called to be a messenger that would carry the Word of the Lord to the nations. Both Nicky and Kayleigh graduated from Acts International Bible College in 2005 with an Associates Degree in Biblical Studies, and have been in ministry for 17 years. They have lived on multiple continents as a result of traveling to the nations to preach the gospel of the Kingdom.

Nicky’s desire is to see the church break out of its current structures and become the powerful entity that God has intended it to be. The glory of God covering the earth like the waters cover the seas.

Kayleigh has a heart for seeing people thrive and coming out of the bondage of their past. She is known to many as a strong woman who isn’t afraid to tell you the truth, and will do so with much love and patience.

Nicky and Kayleigh have 4 kids, Jaelyn, Anayah, Nicky, Jr., and Ryder, and currently reside in the Turnhout, Belgium.

Nicky & Kayleigh Scholten

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partner with what we are doing

Do you feel connected to us and want to see our expression in the earth grow? Consider partnering with us. We believe that in the Kingdom, you are not meant to do anything alone. In coming alongside us in partnership, we all together are able to realize the vision that Yahweh has given us.


Partners are individual people, families, companies/businesses or ministries that are faithful to give some level of financial support and prayer into Capitol Worship Centre on a periodic basis. Your partnership with Capitol enables us to continue to spread the message of the Kingdom throughout the earth. We commit to faithfully pray for our partners daily, and we can't wait to hear the testimonies and stories from our partners about how they are both being impacted and impacting others with the love of Christ.

Contact Information

T: 06 12194290

E: hello@wearecapitol.com

Our main meetings are currently being held in The Hague, Netherlands, every 2nd and 4th Saturday of the month at 19:00. 

Address: Esdoornstraat 3A, Rijswijk.

Join us every Wednesday for an encouraging message during #cyberwednesday on our Facebook page.

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